How We Charge

Who Has the Lowest Airfares?

As part of your travel packages (hotel,car,airfare) we can help you get better than published air fare.

Who Has the Lowest Hotel Rates?

Hotels now play the same sort of pricing games that airlines play.  Any given room might have five or more prices, any one of which you might qualify for, depending on how the room is being booked. 

At times Sunny Cruises and Travel can obtain complimentary upgrades and other small perks or bonuses.  Some of these amenities are not of major value, but they are another small extra service that the agency can provide for you.

We have a comprehensive range of up-to-date brochures on most major travel products and destinations, and will be able to get in other brochures to meet your interests if asked.

We have a wide range of our own reference material, such as probably various hotel directories, tour operator directories, and other information to help our find suitable products for your travels.

What Do We Charge?

We work hard for you.  We are committed to researching travel products for you and are compensated by your subsequent purchase of travel packages (air + hotel and/or car).

If you would like our assistance planning and researching your trip, we ask for a non refundable 'good faith' deposit that will be applied to your trip cost upon purchase.

Our fees for the travel packages are paid by the supplier to cover our time, advice, and assistance.

If you would like our assistance booking air only for domestic travel, we charge a $25 fee. For international air only ticketing, our service fee begins at $50.00 and is subject to increase based on the complexity of the trip.  

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In conclusion…

If you're preparing to plan and purchase a vacation experience, then you're going to want to be as certain as possible that you're placing your trust - and your money - in the best possible hands.

Satisfied Customers

"Thanks Judy! We are really looking forward to it. Your assistance greatly appreciated. We will have some clothing questions for sure & whatever else we think of. "  J.T. 2014


 "Sherry - Thanks so much for your help in finding us a great cruise, and it was! Also thanks for the gift onboard. Nancy and I had had a fabulous time, one we will never forget.

Even better, Brett Nixon was on our cruise so we attended many talks he gave and his wife too, she is an expert on the Titantic. We also went to see one of her talks. Our excursions were great except mendenhall glacier. That was a rainy, foggy day and way too many people on that But overall, it was fabulous and I am still recovering.

Thanks again; I just wanted to give you some feedback and thank you for all you did."

- Kerry 2014


Hi Dave,

We had a great time in Antigua, the resort has really improved since our last visit in 2008. The service and food was much better! We did get an upgrade this year, so thanks for putting in the word for us!

Thanks! -Emily


Thank you so much!! You are the best and I truly appreciate all of your help! -K Erickson

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