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Travel is probably the most expensive intangible item you'll ever buy, and knowing when you have made the right choices is enormously difficult.

Many travel agents promote themselves as offering the cheapest travel options.  For most of us, and most of the time, we don't want simply the cheapest.  We don't buy the cheapest car, the cheapest clothes, or the cheapest food. We want the most suitable and the best value - options that are seldom also the cheapest!  

Sunny Cruises and Travel can provide you with a broader and more complete range of services than can be found on the internet.  And the ability to conveniently talk with a real person can make all the difference when you have a problem, or need some special advice or assistance.

With Sunny Cruises and Travel, you are not limiting your travel purchase options in any respect.  We can still book and buy anything from the internet as well as directly from suppliers or tour operators or travel wholesalers or any other source of travel.  We can match any price you find.

We can help you to select the best travel choices for you and to make fully informed choices.

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